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Commercial Auto Insurance

This policy provides auto insurance similar to your personal auto insurance. The difference is that this policy is underwritten with the understanding that your vehicle(s) will be used in the course of business to transport clients. This exposure may or may not be covered under a personal auto policy. All drivers must be listed on the policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

This policy provides coverage for damage to your real and personal property. Each building to be insured must be listed separately with a specific limit of coverage for the building, contents and loss of income. Most policies are written on a "special form" and "replacement cost" basis up to the limits listed on the policy.

Employment Practices Liability

Insurance for employers that covers certain employment related claims made by employees such as wrongful termination, discrimination, or sexual harassment toward the insured's employees or former employees. These types of claims are specifically excluded on the General Liability and Professional Liability policies.

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